“When you write a letter and tell a story, you are multiplying the event and allowing it to live on.. Time changes everything and letters make memories lasting.”
– Alexandra Stoddard
Why Write Letters?

Letters are simple yet intimate, making them the perfect medium through which to share your thoughts and memories. And they are a truly enduring gift, allowing the reader to revisit and enjoy them as often as they like. Imagine your child or grandchild reading your letters and hearing your voice with each word, reinforcing their connection with you as they read on.

Letters are also the perfect medium because they are flexible and completely personal. They can be written anytime, anywhere and can be written in whatever style best suits you. They can be three sentences or three pages. You can even include momentos with your letters—a ticket stub from the baseball game you went to with you daughter, for example, or a photo of your grandson running through the sprinkler on a warm summer afternoon you spent together.

And though you’re not sharing your letters right away, you’ll be amazed at how much closer you’ll feel to your family from simply stopping to write a life letter and relive and record the moments that make up your relationship. You can bet your family will feel this closeness too, long before receiving your letters.

Through letters you can:
Capture life’s moments in rich detail, before memories and feelings begin to fade.
Tell someone how you feel about them.
Create a chronicle of the everyday happenings we so easily forget, but which are truly the stories of our lives.
Provide your child or grandchild with insight into their childhood and into your relationship.
Communicate your thoughts without distraction or interruption—in your own voice and from your unique perspective.
Express intimate thoughts that, for whatever reason, you may not be able to share in person at the moment.
Tell stories of friends and family, allowing your child or grandchild to learn more about their relatives, and creating a family history that can be shared for generations.
Reflect and capture details and feelings at life’s biggest moments. These moments go by quickly and it often takes a few days until you really feel their impact…capture how you feel after the immediate excitement has subsided.
Feel closer now. By writing life letters, you’re giving yourself a powerful gift as well. Simply taking the action of writing the letters, will have you feeling more connected to your loved ones.

Get started now and create the most cherished gift you’ll ever give.

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